Traslochi Facili started its business in 1993. Born from a business idea of ​​a young and lively boy from Turin, it has become over the years a company known for its characteristics of precision, professionalism, punctuality and courtesy. The company has already gained considerable experience in the field of removals and transport in order to always guarantee the highest quality and competence.

Our company profile is that of a dynamic, modern company, in step with the technical and technological developments that characterize the removal market. The client who turns to us can count on specialized resources, modern equipment, extensive knowledge of the market and high professional training.

Private and corporate moving represent the core business in our business. We annually carry out a large number of removals, obtaining customer satisfaction, thanks to a skilful mix of specialized personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, ability to respond in a timely manner to any type of need. A fundamental element of our every service is the care we take in managing the family and company needs in a delicate and discrete way.

The move of a house or an office starts from the first moment of contact with the customer and is the timely response to every need that makes the Traslochi Facili one of the best companies on the Italian market.

Over the years, the private or corporate move, we have supported transport in Italy, Europe and the entire globe. It has been a gradual evolution that has allowed us to develop considerable professionalism and competence in this sector too. In Italy and in Europe we personally take care of transport, spreading our business culture also to foreign customers. Globally, we can count on a network of commercial partners that allow us to deliver materials to any port in the world. From China to Brazil, from South Africa to the United States, we are always ready to offer our customers all the logistical support to transfer their assets.

The accurate knowledge of the moving sector has allowed us to expand our range of services also to furniture assembly for furniture companies. It is one of our niche sectors, which is still proving an excellent way to appreciate our professional skills.

Finally, a careful choice of vehicles has enabled us to respond effectively to the pressing request for tools for DIY removal and moving goods. The Autoscale rental area is managed by qualified personnel, who interacts and supervises the customer in the use of the vehicle, in order to safeguard the client’s safety and the efficiency of the service requested.

How we work

All our services are carried out with the utmost care and professionalism, by qualified and trained personnel according to our quality standards. The work phases are carried out under the guidance of experts who monitor their exact execution. The company owner personally supervises the work: nothing is left to chance. The company is equipped with the latest equipment and equipment to meet your needs quickly, efficiently and on time.

We have a customer care, also dedicated to post-sales, unique in Italy for a moving company. Our staff is able to respond in an excellent way to every Vs. request and you can contact us online every day, even on holidays.
We are always vs. available for any information or assistance needed.
Requests for assistance are processed within 3 hours of receipt of the email.