Choose how you want to manage your move, we have created different options, so you can choose the form of moving that best suits your needs and your desires. From the move of the house to the move of the office or company, we can respond promptly and professionally to any kind of request.

1. Turnkey removals. Complete service where the moving process is followed entirely by our staff. Our service, using the labor of professional and trained personnel, is carried out in the following way: packaging of all personal effects, of home furnishing accessories, of the objects, crockery, furniture, clothes, paintings, mirrors, lights and curtains; disassembly and wrapping of all the furniture; transport of all the contents of your home at the new address; unloading boxes and sorting in the spaces, taking care of the positioning of each package in the right environment and avoiding dangerous obstacles to the safety of the family; furniture unloading and their assembly. We leave the customer to reset the belongings and empty the boxes. Additional services such as furniture changes or furniture storage can also be associated with this offer.

2. Removal without packaging. It is a form of transport in which the autonomy of the packaging of personal effects, of the objects, of the furnishing accessories and of the small equipment present in the house is left to the customer. Our staff will only take care of the furniture disassembly / assembly, packaging of the furniture, loading, transport and unloading. If necessary it is possible to receive the packaging material. Additional services such as furniture changes or furniture storage can also be associated with this offer.

3. Removal of cargo – transport – unloading. It is a basic and economic form. The customer takes care of the entire packaging and the dismantling and reassembly of the furniture, entrusting to our staff only the loading, transport, unloading and sorting in the address of arrival. The additional services that can be associated are only those for the supply of furniture packaging material, already disassembled, before loading them onto our vehicles.

4. Do-it-yourself removals. The move is entirely managed in all its phases by the customer, with the support and advice of our structure. In this service a van and a self-propelled vehicle are provided, both equipped with expert staff in the management and management. Both the driver and the autoscale operator provide assistance in the mobile loading of the vehicle and in supporting the customer in the correct positioning of the furniture during the transport phases. The van supplied supports a load of up to 18 cubic meters. Inside are all the materials for transport to protect your load: impact walls, straps for anchoring, blankets. Also in this case it is possible to request an additional packaging supply service.