For the international move, choosing the right company is essential! Your house or your belongings could be somewhere on the other side of the world, locked in a customs house and you without papers to get them! Or you requested a door-to-door and the cost has risen unexpectedly! Do you think they are absurd situations? They happen more often than images!

International transport is organized in different ways depending on the destination.

If the departure is from Italy and the arrival is in the European continent (including also Russia), its development is quite simple!

If it takes place within the borders of the European Community, the Schengen Treaty allows us to move freely with our goods, without facing customs and, therefore, controls and costs. The Schengen area works exactly for removals as for passenger transport: European citizens both in Paris and in London, as in Rome or Barcelona. The move is like what happens in Italy. Only the costs related to the kilometers to be carried out and the motorway or sea tolls increase (think of moving to London or Stockholm).

If the destination is a country on the European continent, outside the EU, the situation becomes slightly more complex: there are customs costs, possible controls. The prices are therefore higher and the times could be a few days late. The development is exactly the same as that of the Schengen area.

The move to a country outside the European continent is completely different: North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, United Arab Emirates! The operation primarily requires transport by sea, packing the goods and depositing it in a container. Transport times and costs are relatively high as there are more companies involved: those who move, those who send by sea, those who transport by sea and those who import in the country of arrival. Even if you give up door-to-door, some countries require the presence of a qualified operator to clear the container and to collect the goods.

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