From packaging to the preparation of furniture

The packaging. One month from the day of the move, get the packaging material. Evaluate if the company you are entrusting with will also deliver the packaging material: supervision is certainly of considerable help, even when choosing the material of an expert. First of all pack the items of rare use: we advise you not to overdo everything in one day. Says a wise Indian proverb “To eat an entire elephant, eat a slice every day”.

When making the boxes, take care to use small boxes for heavier items (books, dishes, …) and bigger boxes for lighter ones (clothes, shoes, sheets, …). Each box will have better resistance to possible shocks if you cover the bottom with a couple of sheets of bubble wrap. All items must be placed inside each individual box wrapped in wrapping paper or newspaper.

Particular attention must be paid to the packaging of the dishes: these must be placed vertically, as if we placed them in a dish rack, and in a uniform way and without leaving empty spaces. In the event that the space is not occupied entirely, we advise you to insert additional packaging paper. Even the dishes must be individually packed. A similar procedure can be used for small objects such as cups and glasses.

Each box must be completely filled, always avoiding empty areas. The bottom must be closed at the bottom with a double strip of crossed scotch. A similar operation must be repeated for the upper closure. If the box contains heavy items, secure the bottom with a few additional scotch strips.

Each box must be identified externally by the name of the destination room and if the content is particularly delicate, distinguish the boxes with showy “FRAGILE” and arrows pointing towards the top of the same.

Prepare the furniture. Even for the furniture we have to follow some small foresight. Before the moving company arrives, unplug the power outlets, the gas and water connections of your appliances. Some items, such as the washing machine drum, the clothes rack, the CD player, need a prior check before moving. If you are not sure of the packaging of some household appliances, we advise you to talk with the experts.

Avoid using wooden furniture before moving, so as to prevent them from being marked by the protections that cover them. At least 24 hours before the day of the move, empty the refrigerator and freezer.

Safety in moving. Do not place flammable or corrosive elements such as lighters, acids, ammunition, poisons, gas containers, paints or other partially used and unsealed substances among the objects to be moved.

Empty all petrol engines, lawnmowers, gardening tools, motorcycles.

And finally … Take care two weeks after the move to also take care of the “bureaucratic” part of the move: change of phone number, cancel contracts of the address you are about to leave, knowledge with the new administrator and with the new regulation condominium, request activation of new contracts in the new address are all activities that can be carried out a little early.

If the move takes place in a condominium it is convenient to warn neighbors, perhaps with a simple note in the mailbox: you avoid unpleasant complaints!

The day of the move. We arrived on the day of the move! What to keep with you? The situations that can occur are many, we advise you to keep essential materials at your fingertips: medicine, toilet paper, handkerchiefs, plastic cups, a towel, a change of clothes, a flashlight, documents for the trip, charge batteries of cell phones and computers, laptops, …