Now our full-fledged system of life has come into being, even our four-legged friends need some extra precautions to better cope with the shifting of their daily “habitat”.

In general, the dog endures the move better than the cat. Being the latter very habitual, the move could represent a real moment of shock.

In both cases we try to gradually familiarize the new environment. Bring the dog or cat closer to the boxes in order to impress their smell on them. Let them discover the new accommodation a few days before the real move, accustom them from the first moments to recognize a place like their own, are useful methods to familiarize them with the environment.

Take care of it, perhaps with some caress or extra game. Where you want them to get used to staying, make their meeting point for lunch for a few days. Keep a blanket, towel, or rug familiar to them at hand: it will make them feel instantly at home.

For puppies, a soft toy can help: if we give it a few days before, it will be their new companion with whom to share discoveries and sleep in the new house.