Even for the little ones moving is a moment of strong stress. The children need security and peace of mind, so the movement of their known environment and their points of domestic reference creates a moment of tension.

In order to reduce the inconveniences, even in the days following the move, it is convenient to place them in the new area, in the new house or in contact with the new neighbors a few days before the final change of house. The world of children is a world seen from below, not as we adults see it, so it is convenient to talk to try to understand the fears or uncertainties that the new social context can create. The dog of the new neighbor is certainly very good, but for our child it can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Planned short visits to the new address in order to increase familiarity, a park near the house, new friends, new animals can be nice reasons to excite children to the new environment.

It is very important to explain in detail what the move will consist of: do not let the children make an idea for themselves. Saying why you change your home is just as important: describe the reason for the benefits for the little ones, certainly a larger room, a garden where to play or the possibility of sleeping a little more because the school is closer, they are good arguments!

If the children are very small, take care to have your habitual room re-installed in a way that is almost similar to the original one: a chandelier seen from the cradle is a remarkable reference point.

Finally, we advise you to make the move a new form of play and an important educational moment: helping in the packaging of the objects, arranging the toys neatly, making a quick snack between the boxes and other easy activities can certainly represent a moment of family union important.