The move: the most suitable form and the price.

The move is a moment of particular stress: in fact, our daily routine and our knowledge of each object in its place is put into crisis by boxes and furniture in disarray. It is for these reasons that we have created a small guide on how to best organize to minimize inconveniences.

First of all it is necessary to establish which is the most suitable form of moving for our company. needs: if we have little time to organize the work you need to move to a move Turnkey in Hand or Without Packaging, if, on the contrary, we can spend a few hours of moving our day we can opt for a move Only Transport and Loading or Do You.

After more or less identified a possible solution, go to request a quote. On our site, requesting a quote, you can get an idea of ​​the costs for the service. Remember that the lowest price is not always an indication of actual earnings: our company offers a good quality / price ratio, guaranteeing our customers excellent service and all insurance coverage in case of accidents. Remember that when you move a house you are entrusting your most expensive goods and objects to a company, you are letting someone into your home: you need to trust not only the best price, but also the company and the people with whom interloquite.


The move seen by the children

Removals for dogs and cats

Prepare the packaging